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Simotas is a family owned and run, Food supply Distribution Company.

Here at Simotas, our focus is on customer satisfaction which we achieve by being a reliable supplier who provide high quality products at reasonable prices. We are able to do this as we are a specialty food distributor. We don’t do ‘a little bit of everything’ we do ‘a lot of one thing’. And that ‘thing’ is dairy.

This flexibility in supply standards allows Simotas to have a diverse customer base. We are large enough to service the manufacturer and small enough to care for the local patisserie. With our product range and service we have the ability to cater to any customer and any requirements.

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We have ordered from their home delivery service and was extremely happy with the quality off produce and service. Simotas has become our regular grocery supplier from now onwards.

Mariana Abdo

Great service always , reliable and very competitive prices too.
Been a customer for 16 years.

Cassy Ciampa

Passiontree Velvet have been using Simotas since we opened in Sydney in 2015. They brought in special cream items specially for us and have never been beaten on price by other larger suppliers. I highly suggest you give them a chance to at least make a quote for you.

Christopher s

Trusted by major businesses
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